Best Xbox One VR headset:Ultimate Buying Guide (2018 Updated)

HTC vive Pro review

The HTC vive Pro is the bundle of beauty. It offers the visually which games which would look more beautiful that we can see in the virtual reality. It has much higher resolution than the previous HTC wife and with a better design. It will offer much better value for your money and each feature will provide you with an experience to remember. It has got a pair of building headphones which phone make its usage much easier and manageable. The one thing that you would wish for is a much clearer or image which the HTC vive Pro provides you with much less of screen door effect. So now your eyes can experience the best visuals and best gaming experience.

Pros and cons

  • The headset is itself a pro with its improved visual fidelity
  • It provides you with built-in headphones for the pro sound and makes your gaming feel better
  • The price might be its con but it does justice according to its features provided. Also, it can be nervy with old hardware

Bottom line

We can see with the features mentioned above that the HTC vive Pro is better then the other and older version in every way. It has motion controls and room scaling along with the needed system requirements. Such high resolution and  4 GB RAM is there to store your experience.

TiYiViRi virtual reality VR headset review

The classy black colored VR headset comes with a lot of features. It can connect the VR to PS4 Xbox and PC with HDMI Input and can be considered as an all in one virtual reality glass. It is a battery power that lasts for minimum 3 and a half hours for you to enjoy your game and would also last longer if the power consumption is comparatively less. It has the 400 mAh high capacity Li-polymer battery because of which it has a longer battery life. The TiYiViRi virtual reality VR headset also comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth which allows you to download many apps to have a better gaming experience. The latest look at the pros and cons.

 Pros and cons

  • You get the benefit of the HDMI input which phone help you to connect to other external devices.
  • It has a high resolution of 2560 X 1440P screen and also IMAX theatre mode for videos playing
  • The con can be low battery life with higher consumption and in between charging

Bottom line

According to me, there are no such disadvantages of this VR headset and also you can get the excellent features that provide you with a much better experience for gaming. You can also have the experience of your VR headset serving as a monitor with its special HDMI input function.

Oculus Rift virtual reality headset review

The oculus rift VR headset is considered as the second most popular VR headset with its early models. Can we call as they had said that ignited the interest of The Gamers in VR? With a resolution of 960 by 1080 per eye, it gives the in-game experience undoubtedly. Along with the room scaling and the monitor controls that also has an 8GB RAM and comes in within affordable price according to its features. The design of the headset looks like a mask and it feels like wearing a pair of glasses and comes with a great fit. With a 965×1080 display to each side, be ready to get a thrilling experience in your game. Be sure before buying the VR.

Pros and cons

  • The headset is lightweight and very comfortable to wear so you would be able to play games for hours without any hassle
  • One of the downfalls of this model is that it has heavy system requirements and you need to have a third dress in the sensor for the better experience.

Bottom line

The VR headset is definitely worth to buy in respect to its features and the price. It provides you with an 8 GB RAM and 2 USB 3.0 ports. Your investment would be worth it with the 360 degrees recorded sound. So make your decision and get the best VR headset.

Virtual reality headset All-in-One 3D VR glasses review

With this VR glasses used at the best 3D experience along with the benefit of the 2D and the 3D apps. You can have the 2D and 3D apps, Google Play, YouTube and other third-party apps because of the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth that the VR possesses. It has a NIBIRU operating system and supports all of its app and YouTube. It also has the HDMI port which can connect you to the various gaming platforms such as VR, PS4, Xbox One and other PC. 2D and 3D panorama models for the films that you can download easily through its connectivity. So have an immersive 3D experience while indulging in the game and also enjoying the movies. Let’s see more.

Pros and cons

Along with the 2D and 3D panorama models you can also change different models and can control the playing progress for your game.

The VR headset is easy to carry with a unique design but can be uncomfortable if worn for a long period of time while playing the game.

Bottom line

With a 64GB memory card, Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi you will have a better gaming experience in all the aspects. Along with the resolution of 2560 x 1440 p, you can have a clear screen for a better viewing experience with respect to gaming. So buy the VR headset now.

All in one 3D VR glasses review

As the name suggests this VR glasses would give you the best and immersive 3D experience. You can also 360-degree panoramic videos and photos and have the building movies and gaming platform. You can also watch the 3D IMAX movies in your private theatre. For this, you have the HDMI Input and easy connection to the blu- ray 3D player, DVD player, PlayStation, Xbox, PC, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and many more. You can connect through the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth that has been provided in the VR. With we are all in one headset you don’t need phones and can enjoy the gaming experience with convenience. It also has all the system requirements needed to perform the best.

Pros and cons

  • It provides connectivity to many gaming platforms and also has Bluetooth which will help you to download many apps to enjoy watching videos and play games.
  • The headset mind not being very convenient to wear for a long period of time which can be proved to be a con for this VR.

Bottom line

With this headset, you can have the experience of the virtual world along with the refraction compensation of 600 degrees and angle of more than 90 degrees. Provide you with the resolution of 2560 x 1440 for a better visual for gaming experiences and 2GB RAM for storage.

PlayStation VR launch bundle review

The PlayStation VR launch bundle can be called as a new radical dimension in the virtual reality gaming. It has the advanced VR display which can keep you connected to the virtual world through an expensive 5.7″OLED 1080 p display. It runs at up to 120 frames per second so, the FPS is also strong enough to give you a powerful display and visual. The design will keep you astonished in the gaming words and would avoid you to distract from the other things. It also has the 3D audio Technology and would give you the minute details of sound for better gaming. So from of footstep to a blast, you would be able to know it all. Let’s explore.

Pros and cons

  • The design of the headset is such that it is very balanced and comfortable to wear and can be adjusted easily.
  • The classes of this VR is very comfortable and easy to wear but you can get dizzy if you are wearing it for a long period of time while playing.

Bottom line

With this PlayStation VR launch bundle, you can explore a new gaming world. It has the PlayStation VR core bundle along with the camera. This bundle of joy would also have the motion controller and VR Worlds game disc. So put your step forward into the incredible virtual world.

Oculus go standalone virtual reality headset 32GB review

This excellent piece of headset does not need any wires or PC to get connected to and will give you an amazing experience of the VR. The design of this model will impress you with its crystal clear HD optics and optimized graphics. The name itself suggests that you don’t need any additional hardware computers or any other devices in order to get the better Experience at gaming. It is portable and all you need to do else switch it on and enjoy a movie on the big screen of 30 foot. Play games, enjoy the movie which is comfortable and easy to put VR headset. You can carry this headset anywhere and everywhere you want to go.

Pros and cons

  • The Oculus go VR headset comes with an easy to use a controller which would make your giving better and in control of your hands
  • The con is that there is no expandable storage been provided and not enough adjustments. Apart from this, it is highly comfortable to use and wear

Bottom line

You have to love the standalone VR headset because of its features and the experience it provides you with. It has a higher resolution built-in speakers and a controller along with high FPS. This VR headset is a lightweight headset with innovative design and improved visual clarity for you.

360 viewing VR box 3D glasses private video cinema headset review

The 360 degree VR box 3D glasses private video cinema headset gives you the experience CMS watching screen of 200 inches from a distance of 20 m. The headset is also filled with high resolution to provide you with better visuals at 1080 p HD video. So now you can enjoy the 360 degrees VR Box with 3D videos and better and clear displays with one 24° field angle. It also has the HDMI input which is compatible with devices such as PlayStation, TV, PC, and Xbox. You can also enjoy the movies in your computer through the 3D glasses and also get the support of the audio and video. Let us look at the pros and cons of this headset.

Pros and cons

It has an immersive panorama virtual reality experience and also surrounds output which can expand your Horizon for a better experience. It is manageable and comfortable to wear.

This model can be quite costly but it does provide you with the available features to give you a better Experience at gaming.

Bottom line

The design of dress headset is made of w environment in protecting materials and is very soft and comfortable for you to wear them. With a 5 inch HD display of 1920 by 1080 and the battery life for about 4 to 4.5 hours is the perfect package for you.

Oculus go standalone Virtual reality headset 64GB review

As I have discussed earlier this model is the same as the oculus go standalone virtual reality headset 32GB but the only difference is the higher storage power. It also has an emotion standalone VR feature and is the all in one headset. It is easy to carry and comfortable to wear and you can take it anywhere that you want. Also, it is portable and you just need to put it on and switch on to have a 180-inch screen. You can enjoy your movie, watch a concert and play the game along with your friends with this VR. This headset is also lightweight and as the impressive design develops for professional athletes. It has an innovative and breathable fabric used.

Pros and cons

It provides you with a fast switch LCD which gives you a better visual clarity and also reduces the screen door effect.

It also has been integrated special audio so making it easy to share with anyone else.

The system might get hotter if used for a long time.

Bottom line

You get the portable and affordable VR with the Oculus go standalone storage space of 64GB. Also, you can download the apps easily from the app store Android offers a wide field of view and reduced glare. Get the best experience of each audio with its inbuilt speaker and video.

Virtual reality headset all in one review

These headsets provide you with a 3D gaming experience along with a higher resolution of 2560 × 1440. So now with better clarity and visuals, you be able to enjoy the game. Gives you an experience of FOV 110 with the custom-made VR lenses and 110° field of view. It also has the Bluetooth BT 4.0 version as well as many USB extensions. It also has a high capacity Li-polymer battery with 4000 mAh which rule give you a battery life of around 3.5 hours. You don’t need to break down between the game because of its long service life. With such design and features, you would be able to have an overall experience in gaming. Let us see more

Pros and cons

  • It is an all in one VR headset which gives you easy connection to the one Xbox, PC, Android, IOS, and PlayStation.
  • Does a built-in 9 Axis gyroscope which helps you promote the interaction between the wearer and the device and making it compatible though it could get heated up fast.

Bottom line

This virtual reality headset all in one especially for the Xbox, PC, PlayStation, IOS, Android with a high resolution of 1440. You can get all of these features at an affordable price and also the benefit of the features like 2K screen IPS 5.5 inch and HDMI input for gaming.

Comparison: Top 5 pics: What I really think of

According to me the top 5 pics for a better gaming experience and at an affordable price or a price that would be worth it are:

  • Oculus Rift virtual reality headset
  • PlayStation VR launch bundle
  • HTC vive Pro
  • Virtual reality headset All-in-One 3D VR glasses
  • Oculus go standalone Virtual reality headset 64GB

All these 5 VR headsets have certain disadvantages which depend from a person to person and cannot be a such called the cons. This VR headsets possess the features and have the design which would make your gaming experience and the field come alive. You can also get the field of the 3D display and a more clear visual with these models. Oculus go standalone is more portable so you can get that if you want to carry the headset along with you anywhere you go and have to travel more. So get the best according to your need and which fits in your requirement list.

Short buying guide: 5 things you should know

  1. The first and foremost in that you need to take care of the headset itself. The goggles should not have an adverse effect on your eyes and should be comfortable and easy to wear.
  2. Get a high quality for the headphones which gives you a better display and experience.
  3. It should have easy connectivity to your laptop computer or any other device and hand controller if needed.
  4. Make sure that the price of the headset brings justice to its features and to your budget.
  5. It should provide you with a higher resolution and image which is Blur-free for the better gaming experience.

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Best VR Headset:The Definitive Guide (2018 Updated) At Forgetting the best Xbox One VR headset you need to take care of the certain specification of the system of the VR. The VR headset should be able to connect to the Xbox One and should provide you with better clarity and gaming experience. The VR headset should be comfortable to wear so that you don’t have any problem while enjoying the game.

Final words

With this review and sure that you would be able to make up your mind to buy which VR headset. There are certain recommendations provided by means to that you would be able to choose the best Xbox One VR headset. Make sure that you have an immersive gaming experience